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Notes about the Mario Maker video

I'm not sure if people ever really care about these things, but since we're all in some way a nerd around here, I wanted to share my corrections and notes as a Computer Scientist/enthusiast on the video about Mario Maker.
1- Alan Turing is credited with coming up with the Turing Machine, yes, but Alonzo Church actually came up with a new form of calculus a couple years before Turing that does the same thing. It's known as lambda calculus. Furthermore, the paper that is always cited by Turing was written in collaboration with Church and is known as the Church-Turing Thesis.
2- The actual father of the modern computer actually can be credited to 2 distinct entities. The first is Harvard, with the Harvard architecture. This one is far less common, but some computers, like arduinos, still use it. The other belongs to the rich, fun uncle of Computer Science, John Von Neumann with the Von Neumann architecture. Turing was invited to the think-tank where essentially the future of computers was decided and would have worked with Neumann, but he declined the offer.
3- The most basic form of a computer is a Deterministic Finite Automata, or DFA for short. In fact, one was even displayed in the video! Basically, and all theoretical computers do this, there are nonaccepting states and accepting states. The program runs successfully if it ends on an accepting state. There are different methods to achieve this, but basically Turing Machines are able to do everything, but DFAs can only do one thing, and this is done by having the Turing Machine generate a DFA for the program it's running.
4- Turing completeness (the ability to make a Turing machine) is actually pretty easy to accomplish. The Game of Life (not the board game) is Turing complete, many video games are Turing complete, and most programming languages are complete. Even HTML with CSS is complete.
5- I would argue that MatPat was starting to stray into P vs NP towards the end, rather than stating no computer is Turing complete. While it's true that there are to-the-letter limits to computers, gibibytes (he should have referred to this, 1024Mib, rather than gigabytes or gigabits) and tibibytes are functionally infinite. 1 gibibyte is 1,073,742,000 bytes. The entirety of English text on wikipedia is only 15 gibibytes. Programs will get often times get allocated far more memory than is needed, but this has to do with how an OS allocates memory, rather than the limits of the computer.
6- based on what he showed us of the diagram, as far as I can tell those are all half adders, not full adders. I kinda purged the memories of doing work in qucs so I may be wrong here.
7- Computerphile has a much better video on this particular subject, but the only reason we use binary and not any other number system is because as computers were starting to get popular in the 1800s, there was a choice we had to make. Have a number system we understand (decimal) and have a very slim margin of error in detecting the voltage levels, or have an easy to detect voltage level at the cost of much more wiring. Due to limitations on technology, they went with the easier option. That is the sole reason modern computers use binary.
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